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Development of the logistics portal LOGISTICSPACE
About the client

LOGISTICSPACE is a logistics portal where you can order goods from manufacturers from all over the world, choose the best route, arrange insurance and permits. The service also helps to compare online freight rates from the largest logistics companies.

Project objectives
  • Develop a single platform for logistics companies from scratch;
  • Create an opportunity to attract new customers.

In order to solve this problem, our specialists approached it comprehensively and divided it into several stages:

  1. Prototype development;
  2. Design creation;
  3. Direct site development: designing UI-pages with graphical elements;
  4. Website promotion on the Internet;
  5. Support and development.

Work on the creation of the prototype began with the definition of the target audience, we outlined their main goals and ways to achieve them. The main segments of the target audience are:

  • Freight carriers;
  • logistics companies.

Based on these data and the developed structure of working with the portal, more than 70 pages of prototypes were prepared.

When working on the design of the project, DOTSENKO.PRO specialists were guided by customer’ corporate colors. And when choosing typography, universal solutions were used that are suitable for a wide range of tasks.

The main sections with which users work on the site are:

  • Adding an application. It occurs in stages, depending on the service, the number of steps is generated automatically.
  • Current requests. Applications are displayed in this section. On the detailed page of the application, logistics companies can ask clarifying questions and send commercial offers.
  • Personal account of the logistics company. In it, logistics companies look at applications taken into work, see a list of current requests, fill in prices for directions and edit data about the company.
  • Client's personal account. In it, customers see their applications and answer questions, add applications for cost calculation, edit data about themselves.

Having collected statistics of visits at the first stage of implementation, we confirmed the hypothesis that more than half of site visitors will visit it from smartphones. Therefore, the adaptive version of the site, DOTSENKO.PRO experts paid as much attention as the desktop one.

The following channels were used to promote the portal: contextual display banners on the Display Network and contextual advertising on Google.

Our specialists managed to develop a single platform for logistics companies from scratch. LOGISTICSPACE received a comprehensively designed website, which has the potential for further development.

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