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Development of an online store for the company AKS
About the client
The AKS company is engaged in the sale of engineering systems and equipment, as well as the supply of construction projects with the necessary technical solutions.
Project objectives
  • Creation of an online store;
  • Implementation of 4 personal accounts.
DOTSENKO.PRO specialists have developed a business automation system for managing the product range and the sales process from scratch. Our specialists developed: terms of reference, prototype and design of the site, implemented and tested.

The site provided for a wide product matrix (it is planned to place more than 1 million products) with integration through the enterprise automation program.

In the course of work, our specialists implemented four personal accounts:

  • retail buyer,
  • wholesale buyer,
  • goods supplier;
  • portal administrator.

Each of them is interesting for its functionality:

  • In the retail buyer's office, you can choose the points of issue of the ordered goods and accumulate a discount for the next purchases.
  • The wholesale buyer's office has the most functions. The user can view the details of the order at each stage, see the % of shipped goods and the stage of completion, receive transfer documents, generate reconciliation acts and request certificates of conformity.
  • The supplier's personal account allows you to use the store as a marketplace. When adding goods, part of the data is pulled through the enterprise automation program, and the user adds the other part on his own. Also, if the product has complex technical characteristics, it is placed in a special PDF catalog. In it, the supplier can specify a specific page on which the product description is located. Usually, in such directories, there is no similar functionality.

Such voluminous projects need support and development. During the test operation, many new ideas and wishes appeared. Based on them, a project development map was drawn up and work on it was launched.

DOTSENKO.PRO specialists implemented a highly loaded marketplace with a large number of products and convenient personal accounts.

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