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Development of a platform for the search for wholesale suppliers and buyers
About the client
Optymarket is a wholesale sourcing platform that brings together manufacturers, distributors and dealers.
Project objectives
  • Develop a platform to search for wholesale suppliers and buyers from scratch.
  • Create an opportunity to attract manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

In this case, we will talk about the implementation of the most interesting functionality of the project, namely:

  • automation of a part of business processes of purchase;
  • holding tenders;
  • ad network feed management.
Automation of part of the purchase business processes

Our specialists implemented a functionality that allowed us to fully automate the purchase and carry out the cycle from sending the product to the basket to receiving it. Our specialists have formulated a set of of requirements:

  • Set restrictions, according to which the user in one order could place goods from only one supplier.
  • Set storage limits for automated trading. This will allow you to send goods from one warehouse in one application.

To solve this problem, our specialists implemented:

  • shopping cart;
  • order formation;
  • online payment using a mobile bank to pay for the goods and then receive the payment status (after payment confirmation, these applications are transferred to the transport company);
  • formation of a consignment note;
  • automated informing the supplier and the buyer about the change in order status in the course of work.
In addition to the automated purchase functionality, our specialists have implemented an automated store moderation system. This helped to bring into stock those goods that are available for sale and have a number of conditions met.
Holding tenders

The customer conducted analytical work and identified a need for functionality that can be used to conduct closed tenders among suppliers on the site. 

DOTSENKO.PRO specialists developed a functionality that allowed:

  • receive feedback from suppliers;
  • select candidates;
  • communicate with candidates in a closed chat on the tender, in which the customer can hide messages from suppliers from each other;
  • choose a performer according to the application;
  • inform users about the beginning of the tender and the change in the status of participants.
Feed management for ad networks
Our specialists have successfully implemented feed management functionality for the Google advertising network. The complexity of the task lies in the fact that in the conditions of the marketplace there is a need to form product feeds for a specific supplier, while excluding products from other suppliers, or to form feeds for specific categories of goods, where the goods of all suppliers should have been included.

This is only a small part of the functionality that the DOTSENKO.PRO team implemented in the course of working with the project. We have successfully completed the tasks and implemented business processes on the portal.


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