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Development of a parts catalog
About the client

PEKAR Company produces and sells several hundred types of auto parts.

Project objectives
  • Creating a new wholesale sales channel;
  • Informing potential buyers about the product range and sales points;
  • Improving the company's image.

A distributor's personal account, a loyalty program, an offline auto service map, and a product authenticity verification program - these are just a few of the implemented features within the development of the PEKAR website.

The website should become one of the tools for improving the company's image, increasing sales, and customer loyalty. This is what our specialists were guided by in the development of the online resource. To achieve this, DOTSENKO.PRO specialists implemented the following:

1. The "Check Original" product authenticity verification program

This solution allows to increase the loyalty of users who, for some reason, are not sure about the authenticity of PEKAR products. To check if a particular part is related to PEKAR, it is enough to enter its barcode into the feedback form on the website.

2. "Together with PEKAR" loyalty program

This solution helps to increase the number of retail points selling PEKAR products. The benefits of the program are outlined in a separate block. One of them is the easy search for a store in the "Where to Buy PEKAR" section. Participants can register on the website using a special form.

3. Product Catalog

The catalog is divided into product groups, and it also features a search by name or part number.

4. Personal Account

Since the website should primarily sell products, it was decided to implement a personal account. Users can simply register or log in, place an order, and specify the delivery address. Payment is also processed here. Additionally, we set up the ability to repeat an order (all data is saved in the personal account).

5. Percentage discounts for distributors

If a user buys a lot, they should be rewarded. For this purpose, we set up a feature to calculate a discount when purchasing auto parts.

We also implemented the display of offline and online stores on the map, as well as a search for sales points based on the availability of necessary auto parts. The website design was also developed by our specialists, taking into account the corporate style. In addition, our team took care of promoting the website on the Internet and prepared the resource for further SEO work, taking into account the technical requirements of search engines.

DOTSENKO.PRO specialists have developed a website for the sale of REKAR brand auto parts. All solutions aim to increase sales and customer loyalty.

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